Is there any diet to be followed during infertility treatment ?

When it comes to healthy fertility, everything from age to lifestyle to genetics plays a role. Unlike other factors such as age, genetics, and other medical issues, one’s diet is completely under one’s control. Nutrition and healthy body weight are important factors in a couple’s capacity to conceive. Avoid white bread, sweets, and quick items in favor of complex carbs like whole grains.
Avoid white bread, sweets, and quick items in favor of complex carbs like whole grains. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, and healthy fats like whole milk and dairy products should all be included. Caffeine, alcohol, and junk food should all be avoided. A balanced diet should be accompanied by a moderately intense activity program.


Do all patients of PCOS need IVF ?

No, not all of the time!! In women of reproductive age, PCOS is one of the most frequent ovulatory diseases. Although myths persist that women with PCOS are unable to conceive, the fact is that the condition is extremely curable, and virtually all women with PCOS should be able to conceive. Men with PCOS are more likely to have infertility. It is crucial to note, however, that women with PCOS have a high possibility of conceiving. Allowing a suitable length of time for lifestyle changes to boost fertility naturally may require patience and perseverance.


Can I conceive if my thyroid levels are abnormal ?

Thyroid problems are frequently identified in conjunction with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), as both conditions involve aberrant hormone levels. Do not despair if you obtain a dual diagnosis; regulating your hormones improves your chances of having a baby greatly. 
Decreased sperm volume and motility (movement), sperm defects, decreased libido, trouble maintaining an erection, and impaired male reproductive hormones are all symptoms of hypothyroidism in males. If you feel you might have a thyroid problem, you should have a full thyroid panel.


Is bed rest essential after IVF / IUI ?

Yes, following an IVF embryo transfer, you should rest and take it easy. However, bed rest is not required. The fundamental reason for this is because, following an embryo transfer, inactivity and bed rest are not required. Inactivity, when paired with high oestrogen levels, can reduce blood flow, which is essential for embryonic and foetal growth. Light exercise, on the other hand, decreases inflammation, reduced stress levels of hormones, and improves blood flow.


Do all patients who undergo IVF deliver twins ?

No. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is commonly thought to result in twin pregnancies. However, delivering twins via IVF is becoming less common, owing to doctors’ preference for single embryo transfer when it is viable and advantageous.

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